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This Mode is lossy compression and can compress your image up to 70%. Use this option if your image is in high quality with a size between 1-2 Mb(recommended).

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What is Realtime Compression ?

realtime compression is latest feature that we introduced first on internet. real time compression means you can compress your images at real-time and compare it with your original image and once you are satisfied with the result then you can download that optimized images. as you can see a slider below image from which you can set your desired compression ratio when you are not satisfied with the output of 3 different compression level(normal ,high, super). you can easily fine tune your image to maximize the optimization using this feature.
Pro tip:Compression below 80% is recommended.


compressed Image Compresed
original Image Original

Realtime Compression

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At this moment supported filetypes are JPEG, PNG.

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This mode provides lossless compression; your images will be compressed without any visible change up to 60%. Use this when quality is your priority rather than size. Note: The file size reduction will be less, compared to other modes.


This mode provides balanced compression of your images without any significant quality loss as well as less size, up to 70%. This will provide drastic savings on the initial weight, with a small reduction in image quality. Most of the time it's not even noticeable.


This mode will do maximum image compression. If your image size is big, we recommend you to use this mode. This will provide massive size reduction on images. Sometimes quality would be degraded a little. If you want to compress your image up to 90% and agree with some loss in quality of the image, use this mode.